Show and Tell - Community Thread 🎉

Hi Fellows!

I have deployed a new WebApp using Dash.

Now, it’s an application to query projects and also, add new ones that will be queried by Spark or other tool on the DB.

It has a system using Dash Bootstrap Component where it opens a modal component to register new projects and add automatically on the DB.

Also, we have upload and download options (only the upload task is implemented so far)

I hope that it can inspire other creators to build something using this amazing library!

Link to the application:


Hi there. Today I have deployed a new Dash WebAPP.

This time it’s a COVID-19 dashboard with a forecasting system.

It keeps demanding some improvements and corrections, but it’s OK to the be a initial version of the app;


Very nice. Is there any epidemiological theory behind the parametric curve fitting? Or is it a purely mathematical exercise?

I have made my own Covid 19 Dash with extremely simple forecasting. I chose to forecast using the latest rate of change. My theory was that, given the complexity of the system and the changes in population behaviour, the best approximation of R_0 in the short term came from the current rate of change. Obviously, this results in exponential growth, so it is no good for long term forecasting.


Hey guys,

I have created and deployed a Dash app that predicts whether or not there will be precipitation tomorrow for weather stations in Canada.

The idea is based off of Rain in Australia on Kaggle.

More information and code can be found on GitHub.

First time I have done anything with web app development or machine learning, let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements!


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Really great idea! Cool to see Decision trees used here:

Decision Tree Classifier trained on 10 years of daily station data (2010-2019) for 83 stations (670000 samples). Accuracy of 85%.

If it’s time series data, have you tried Facebook’s prophet? it’s very simple to use.

Thanks! Haven’t tried Facebook’s prophet. I’ll check it out!

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I’ve open-sourced the code to the Market Ahead webapp - GitHub - MarketAhead/webapp: Stock analysis & correlation tool built with Plotly Dash.

Hope it can help others and look forward to seeing what others come up with.

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Just finished my first version of a nuclear data / neutron cross section plotting website. It has a few Gb of data on a Docker image that runs on Google Cloud Run with Plotly, Dash Gunicorn and makes use of the very useful Dash DataTable.

Nuclear data cross section plotter
The GitHub open source repo is here GitHub - openmc-data-storage/ The source code for a cross section plotting website

Thanks for making such a nice product with Plotly, Dash and DataTable


Hey All,
I wanted to share a really cool app that Jatin Mahour created with Dash to predict leaf-area estimates of some common tree species found in the USA. Click here to view. (it takes a few seconds to load since it’s a free Heroku account, but worth the wait).
To share your own apps with the community, don’t forget to use the “show and tell” tag. Enjoy!


Thanks, Adam for showcasing my app. Although there is a link for the code in the app itself, I am providing it here too.
Github repo


Hi guys,

Here is 𝑭𝒐𝒙𝒚𝑭𝒊 - a trading log with a social media twist.
This was built for educational purposes to encourage people to learn Python and full stack development using Dash and dash-bootstrap-components as the main libraries.

You can find it under:

This website is fully built in Dash and uses TradingView widgets and Google’s Real-Time Firebase Database for both the data storage and the entire user authentication, signup and login management system.

If you would like to dwell into the code yourself you can find it under:

You can follow me on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram on the following links:

Let me know what you think! =)

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


@AnnMarieW meet @Silvio :slight_smile:

@Silvio Really beautiful app! :+1:

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@Silvio this is high praise coming from @Emil

@Emil indeed → cool app, eh? btw → I’m encouraging @Silvio to check out your websockets extension for Dash and see if there’s a use case that could really tax that and show it off to it’s best potential.

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@Silvio - and welcome to the Dash community :slightly_smiling_face:

This is an awesome app :star_struck: - and thanks for sharing the code. I’m sure a lot of people will find this very helpful especially for how to incorporate TradingView and Firebase in a Dash app.

Silvio’s accompanying youtube video

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welcome to the community and thank you for sharing this app with us as well as the open source code. It’s very professional-looking. Is this the first time you built an app with Dash or do you have a few months of experience?

You have an intriguing YouTube channel. I think it has a lot of potential for growth since finance related Python scripts are a hot topic. Good luck with it.

Thank you @Emil and @AnnMarieW for the awesome feedback!