Really slow render at bar charts with big data sets

I’ve created a bar chart using react-ploty and plotly separately.
I have a considerably large dataset. It is approximately 300k points.
Furthermore, I’m working with hourly-based data. Therefore I do not prefer using scattergl, pointcloud, or scatter.
Bar charts are doing the trick for me in terms of accuracy. But, the plot is unusable when I use bar charts.
I’ve tried to use scattergl and mode: "markers+lines" but that’s neither 100% accurate nor fast in my case.

Here is a list of the things I’ve tried and failed:
displayModeBar: false showTips: false plotGlPixelRatio: 1 responsive: false showlegend: false staticPlot: true type: "scattergl" with mode:"markers+lines" annotations: false hoverinfo: 'none' hovermode: 'none' hovermode: 'x' hovermode: 'y' type "histogram"
The plot didn’t show progress with the props, types, or configs above. It is still extremely slow and in an unusable state.
The only thing which makes the plot faster is type: "scatter" with mode: "none" if these are selected, the chart renders fast and has high FPS.

I tried downgrading to plotly v-1.58.x that didn’t work either.

Here you can see something looks like my case:

Also, here is a plot where you can see the fps:

Is there a way for me to make this plot usable, or is it impossible for plotly to handle 300k points with bar charts?

Thanks in advance

anyone looking to try out a solution use type =‘scattergl’ to render it toa web gl based plot. But before that make sure its the plotly that is slow.