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WebGL for bar, line charts

Hi I am just wondering the reason that Plotly.js does not have WebGL version of bar chart, line chart and etc. Some times the bar chart could also get slow if containing a lot of bar DOM nodes (could be overflowed out side of the viewport).

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We don’t offer WebGL bar visualisations, but line charts are possible using

var trace = {
  type: 'scattergl',
  mode: 'lines',
  x: [/* ... */],
  y: [/* ... */]
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In my application I have 16 traces and 32K samples for each trace. The performance of the app is too slow when I use ‘bar’ type. Is there any way to display bar chart using WebGL?

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I have the same problem. Bar plot is too slow and Scatter doesn’t support markers with custom size/shape. Any update on this?

Sadly no update on that.

But you could give an try to Candle stick plot type. We can create same look and feel of bar with better performance I believe.

For scatter plot try this in plot data, works for me
marker = {
symbol: ‘square-dot’,
color: “#cc000”,
size: 12

Thanks for the reply. I need custom width and height for each marker. I’ll see if i can make that work using Candle stick. Regarding scatter, size changes both width and height. Is there an option to make non-square rectangles?

Did anyone find a solution to slow bar charts when using large datasets? I stumbled onto this thread looking for a GL implementation of the plotly bar.