Line with markers for big datasets (Plotly.js)

Hello guys,

In my example ( I try to plot dataset (10000 points) in the default mode “lines”.
Works great, fast rendering, zoom+pan work perfectly.
If I change the mode into “lines+markers” I obtain slow down of rendering. Also Zoom+pan are too slow to use.

Can the Plotly.js handle big datasets (up to million points) with mode “lines+markers” without losing interactivity?
And what about Basic Bar Chart (type: “bar”) for the same big dataset?

Perhaps, there is something I’m doing wrong in the code?

Thank you in advance

Using scattergl instead of scatter should be more than enough for your use-case:

Is there any way to improve the performance for bars (type: ‘bar’)?

Not at the moment unfortunately.

I’m curious though, in what context do you want to plot a million bars?

for example, for stock exchange data visualisation. Bar chart that contains volume of trade operations