Time series data shows only last 400 hundred


i have 7000 datapoints, chart settings and layout is like that;

    var chartData =  [
            x: [at here 7000 date data points],
            y: [at here 7000 number data points],
            type: 'scatter',
            mode: 'lines+markers',

            var layout = {
                title: 'title',
                height: 650,
                yaxis: {
                    range:value1, value2
               xaxis: {
                    rangeslider: {
                    range: [

but graph only render last 400 hundred, why would it be like that?


Hmm. Could you provide us a snippet of your data?

Or better yet, edit the codepen below:

first of all thanks for your reply, i’ll be do it in a 10 min.

as you see point number is telling us the number of index, and it is between 600 and 999.

That’s the intended behavior for data of the likes.

We use a line vertex decimation algorithm, to plot the least number of points possible (for fast rendering) without sacrificing resolution.

what do you suggest, is there a way to do it?

maybe changing type of the chart?

What are you trying to do exactly?

Why do you need all the 7000 points to show up?

for a project and customers will be need to see all datapoints in chart. datas are coming from temperature sensor (it can be any sensor) every second, sometimes in every 500 miliseconds. and they wanna look their data for weekly (using filters, maybe montly).

thats why i need :slight_smile: