Random Dash App Unresponsiveness?: Dash Issue or Beanstalk Issue?

I have a dash app deployed on AWS’s elastic beanstalk.
Everything seems to be working well, except that we’ve observed a strange issue wherein the app becomes unresponsive at random times.
We’ve had multiple users test it - and some note that the page is unresponsive when they first try and access it, some note it works upon first access but fails after refreshing or clicking a different page of the app (callback which changes the app layout) . In the case where it is unresponsive, the page is totally blank - and the header is stuck on “updating”.

I can’t really recreate the issue locally - does this mean the problem likely lies within the environment configuration vs anything Dash-related. Any advice from the Dash folks?

I have some suspicions about what’s going on here:

  • we load pandas dataframes that power the plots by reading csv’s from an open S3 bucket - perhaps it’s better practice to load the csvs directly into the beanstalk environment? I remember this causing issues before but can’t remember now.
  • perhaps we’re under powering our dash app’s IT resources. I think we outfitted it with pretty basic resources. It’s really not doing anything too complicated and data sizes are pretty meager but perhaps I’m mistaken.

Any other guidance on how to troubleshoot this?


Hello @jon_peter,

I have a feeling that you need to take a look at the load balancer, it sounds like the queue isnt very long.

If you arent using a load balancer, you should, otherwise your app will not respond to new requests while processing the others.

If the df’s are loading dynamically from a csv file every time, that may cause a longer load time, but that really shouldnt have an effect if using a load balancer.

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Thank you! I’ll try that approach!

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