Dash app stuck at loading

Hello all!

I have a question regarding the dash app I have made. So this app has been working smoothly for weeks now and WITHOUT any change, when I run it, and go to the link it keeps saying ‘loading’ or ‘empty response’ without any errors .

Now the strange thing is that when I share this link with other people they can run the app with no problems, it is only on my laptop.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? I would appreciate it if you could help me out

P.S I have also checked the inspect section of the page , there is no response from the server and I have upgraded both dash and dash renderer but nothing changed

UPDATE: It is not showing loading anymore it keeps saying localhost didn’t send any data and then goes pitch black

Hey @niloozgh welcome to the forums.

I’ve never experienced something like this, not sure how to diagnose it neither…

Hello @niloozgh,

Sounds like you should empty your cache and reload.

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