Dash app frozen?

I have a Dash app that was working just fine moments ago. After a few edits (notably adding some dcc.Store objects), the app got completely frozen: it launches, makes a few callbacks, but then becomes the callbacks don’t work and the editable tables won’t edit (though I can change tabs). It’s like some process is running in the back, but it seems that no callback is running in the back (I put some print calls at the beginning of each callback and can’t see anything in the console), and I have no error message in the console. The last callback edits some data in some dcc.Store ; could it be that there is too much data stored?

Thank you for your help,



Did you check the Javascript console in your browser also? In Chrome for example you can click View > Developer > Javascript Console. Maybe there will be some clues there as to what is going on.

Thanks, that was the solution: some objects ids that were wrong in my callbacks…

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