Job for someone to help me fix a Dash issue

Hi Dash Community,

Regarding this original post:

Trying to figure out the above problem regarding Dash performance issues for my project (related to browser updating and frequent “Callback Failed: The server did not respond” errors, happening if I make rapid callbacks by moving the active_cell around, or do other actions in rapid succession). I been unable to work out why. I don’t have a background in Javascript or React, the backend of Dash?, hence I really can’t work out what the problem is (as the error messages contain Javascript traceback errors, and I can’t use these at all to pinpoint specific code errors, if any),

Happy to make this a paid job for someone if you think you can help me solve it, please do get in contact with me with your email address (DM) and I can contact you. I am not an enterprise user however, just a normal person doing a personal project, so the cost would have to be reasonable…

It would involve downloading my project from github, reproducing the error, and working out why it is happening and finding the solution. It could be something silly, it could be something not, I just can’t work it out! Would anyone be interested? Again, likely you would need to know Dash/Javascript/React/Browser Devtools…but that is just a guess.


Hi @mcsewhoy

I´m having the same issue since I updated windows 10 (I gess this is the breaking point in my case).

In my case, my app was working fine before the update and start giving me this error message when it started, the message is showed a lot of time and I think is because the app has a lot of modules.

But after refreshing the app some times (or waiting for the app to work alone) it is solved and the app works as expected.

Are you working with windows or any other ?

Hi @mcsewhoy,

I have a reasonable amount of experience with Dash, including performance profiling and optimization. If you send me a PM with a link to the repository that holds the minimal code to reproduce the issue and guidelines on how to do so, I can take a look.


Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for the reply, I am using Windows 10. But the issue has been around for a while now, 6mths -1y or so from Memory, so not just the most recent update.

Hi @Emil

Thanks for your reply. I will PM you.