Plotly.js scatter plot not displaying


I am trying to plot an extremely simple scatter plot using Plotly.js, loading from a CSV:

The axes generate, but nothing is visible. Why is this? I have used document.writeln(JSON.stringify(data)); to check that the data variable is formatted correctly, and it seems to be… so I don’t understand why nothing is displaying!

Any ideas?

Something must not be formatted correctly.

Unfortunately, I can’t run your jsFiddle. Looks like the URL where you’re fetching your data isn’t valid anymore, so I can’t help any further.

Hmm… I just checked the link and it worked for me (screenshot). Here’s the direct link to the file:

It’s just a 4x4 anyway—here’s the content:


Ok well something is up with your unpack routine.

Something like:

function unpack(rows, key) {
  var index = rows[0].indexOf(key)
  return rows.slice(1).map(function(row) { return row[index] })

should make it work.

The unpack routine comes from this Plotly demo—did I do something wrong?

This is what the data variable comes out as if I use JSON.stringify to write it:


Does that look right? If not, what’s wrong? If it is right, any idea why it doesn’t visualise?

That unpack routine only works for a certain type of data input i.e. it won’t work for all csv files. You’ll have to adapt it to your needs.

Plotly expects data like:

Plotly.plot('graph', [{
  type: 'scatter',
  x: [1,2,3],
  y: [2,1,2]

when the x and y keys are not linked to arrays, plotly won’t draw anything - as in your case. For more example, please look at

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Ahh… I hadn’t realised x and y had to be arrays even if they were single digits! It works perfectly now.

Thank you so much for your help and patience—I hope you are having a great weekend! :slight_smile: