Plotly.js scatter plot not displaying even after giving the x,y values as arrays

Hi ,
I am plotting the scatter plot with list of array. Which have more than 100 items.
In each items I have given the x,y as array. But its still not working .
I have copied the image of my object.
Any help is appreciated.

Here is my object.
this.Data = {x: [10],
y: [15],
type: ‘scatter’,
mode: ‘none’,
marker: { color: ‘rgba(200, 50, 100, .7)’, size: 5 },
hoverinfo: “x,y”
name: ‘’
And Thank you so much for a such beautiful plugin.

Thank You image

And also Can you please advise how can I draw a line Y=x line for Reference In scatter Plot.

Thank you
Aditya Venkat

Hi Here is my Clear picture of object.
I am using Angular 5 for this.XYAxisData

You’re setting mode: 'none', that means you get blank trace. Try mode: 'markers' or mode: 'lines' of mode: 'lines+markers' or simply use our default value by removing mode from your traces.

Thank You etienne for you reply. Its worked. I am able see the points.
And I am new to the plotly . Can you please advise how can i draw Y=x line. which comes


Thank You Etienne for all the Help.

Thank You

Hi Eitenne,
I got it working . I have added a new series.

var trace1 = {
x: [1, 2, 3, 4],
y: [10, 15, 13, 17],
type: ‘scatter’

Thank you for the Help.