Plotly Dash UI Question

I’m looking into dash a potential option for an app development project that I have going forward. A key part of this project is that a user needs to receive a link and be able to view data without any ability to manipulate the inputs and outputs. This is because the users of the program frequently won’t have the technical skills required to think of this ability as anything but cumbersome. And they may even report that the app is broken when they simply accidentally clicked something themselves.

High quality static graphs and charts, and the ability to only use python are what I’m looking for, but with none of the user interactivity like selectors. With that background information, I can finally ask my question. Should I give dash a try and just make the input/output python code section intentionally not work or appear, or should I try something else like baseline plotly plus other things like unity or matlab?

Give Dash a try. You can customize the URLs with this tutorial and for each URL you can serve unique layout and graphs entirely from Python. The first part of the tutorial covers the app.layout, which describes what the app looks like, and doesn’t require you to use any controls: