Pip install dash-swiper

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This one new package I created is difficult to showcase in the forums and an even more difficult one to build but here it is: pip install dash-swiper built on swiperjs, this package is in its infancy at a 0.0.1 release with many more improvements on the radar.

Specifically I have high hopes of porting over all plugins relating to: https://swiperjs.com/plugins
Which might I add includes 17 specific new professionally designed sliders witch will be a heavy task to take on. At the moment we are 1/17 completed.

This initial offering is the Shaders Slider offering a range of shaders including:

  • random
  • dots
  • flyeye
  • morph-x
  • morph-y
  • page-curl
  • peel-x
  • peel-y
  • polygons-fall
  • polygons-morph
  • polygons-wind
  • pixelize
  • ripple
  • shutters
  • slices
  • squares
  • stretch
  • wave-x
  • wind

Although this package is functional it isn’t perfect as some endpoints offered in Shaders Slider that are not available for dash I did offer as much as I could within the time I had to spare in this development crunch.

  • Features include, pause transitions upon mouse entering the slider body
  • Clickable Title passed from slides
  • Adjustable style dependent on parent component for example Div(style={‘height’:‘20vh’}, DashSwiper())
  • horizontal and vertical shaders
  • ability to set speed

A base example can be found here:

import dash_swiper
from dash import *

app = Dash(

app.layout = html.Div(
                "direction": "horizontal",
                "loop": True,
                "pauseOnMouseEnter": True,
                "autoplay": False,  # Add this line to turn off autoplay
                "waitForTransition": True,
                # Add more Swiper options here
            # speed=0,
            # loop=True,
                    "src": get_asset_url("images/01.jpg"),
                    "alt": "Image 1",
                    "title": "Spider-Man: No Way Home",
                    "link": "https://www.example1.com",
                    "src": get_asset_url("images/02.jpg"),
                    "alt": "Image 2",
                    "title": "Free Guy",
                    "link": "https://www.example2.com",
                    "src": get_asset_url("images/03.jpg"),
                    "alt": "Image 3",
                    "title": "The Nice Guys",
                    "link": "https://www.example3.com",
                    "src": get_asset_url("images/04.jpg"),
                    "alt": "Image 4",
                    "title": "Cage",
                    "link": "https://www.example4.com",
                    "src": get_asset_url("images/05.jpg"),
                    "alt": "Image 5",
                    "title": "avatar",
                    "link": "https://www.example5.com",
            shader="random",  # Add the shader effect here

    style={"width": "100%", "height": "100vh"},

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app.run_server(debug=True, port="3053")

Works with get_asset_url() and fairly easy to setup for the novice I need a fancy swiper type.

Interested in looking through the repo you can find it here (:star:): GitHub - pip-install-python/dash_swiper: swiperjs for dash

Pypi: dash-swiper · PyPI

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you’re on fire @PipInstallPython with all these new packages built on top of Dash :fire:

Thank you :pray:

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