Parallel coords not rendering

I have a dash program that renders a nice parallel coordinates figure from a sqlite database of Monte Carlo simulation results. It works great on my computer, both in native MacOS and under Windows 7 as a Parallels VM. I’m trying to get it running for someone on Windows 10 for whom only the color bar draws; the main parallel coords plot area remains blank. The other figures (a couple of histograms) render normally.

At this point, we’ve both installed the latest Anaconda2 (5.0.0), an Anaconda environment via a YAML file that I created and tested on my Windows 7 VM, and my application. We should have the same version of everything. We’re also running the identical rev of Chrome on Windows. At this point, I’m stumped.

Perhaps someone out there can guess what the heck is the problem here. Thanks in advance!!


Thanks for reporting @plevin! Could you check if the machine supports WebGL?

Thanks! Yes, that was the problem. Still not working in Chrome, but it works in IE, which is good enough.

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