Parallel coordinates plot lines not appearing in Ubuntu 18.04

I’m running Python Plotly version 4.7.0 in Python 3.6.9 on Ubuntu 18.04 and currently trying to play with the parallel coordinates plots in the tutorial here.

I’m running into display issues. Specifically in that the grids and key will display but the lines will not. See below:

This is the resulting plot if I send visualization to browser and also when run in a Jupyter notebook. I thought I may have a package configuration issue, but when I simply view the website (again here) on Ubuntu 18.04, the plots look similar to above. Which leads me to wonder about Ubuntu 18.04 compatibility. For example:

I have run with the same configurations listed in the first sentence on several other plotly plot types and they run as expected but when running any parallel coordinates plot (generated in both express and graph_objects, the lines are missing. Also, when attempting to view any parallel coordinates plots on the website while on Ubuntu 18.04, the lines are missing.

So, in summary, my issue here appears to perhaps be a global operating system issue than it seems to be a Python configuration issue. But I could be wrong - my web search on this has resulted in finding no related issues with Ubuntu 18.04.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bumping this @nicolaskruchten @jmmease

Sorry to bump my own post but I have high desire to use this very well-developed functionality for my use case.

This seems like a browser/webgl-related problem to me… Do the plots in sub-pages of or in render for you on the same machine?

@Emmanuelle you’re on Ubuntu, right? Do you see parcoords line ok?

Yes it works for me both on Firefox and Chrome.

Thank you very much for the response. The plots on those sub-pages do not render for me in either Firefox nor Chromium.

However other plots, as in for example, render in both Firefox and Chromium.

Odd I know. I appreciate your attention here.

It seems like a hardware or graphics-card driver issue on your machine to me @bwood

Just had a similar thought this morning lol, I’m on a VM for Ubuntu in which I only have access to a low-end GPU. That must be what’s causing it. Thanks for your help!