Offshore Wind Turbine Visualisation Component

Hi all,

In case anyone is interested, developing something similar, or could make use of this, I’ve begun developing a Dash component which facilitates visualisation of information / analysis results mapped onto a wind turbine structure. The component also provides a basic map interface which allows you to “navigate” your way around a windfarm (i.e. select different wind turbine generator (WTG) positions).

The source code of the component is here:

The dash_wtgviewer component uses Leaflet for the mapping and threejs (webgl) for the 3D visualisation. I make use of mesh instancing in threejs so the “whole” wind farm can be rendered in the browser and achieve 60 fps. The 3D interaction, 3D mouseover dialog and map clicking interaction is all done by the dash_wtgviewer component (so client side).

To include the component the developer must supply:

  • a json model (developed in pydantic) which defines the turbine structure
  • a gltf file for the blade (there’s an example in the repo)
  • json data defining the turbine positions and wind farm boundary on the map

It’s currently just a javascript prototype which I’ve used to learn a bit more about threejs / react / Dash components. I’m in the process of moving it into Typescript and setting up the automated testing etc before progressing it any further. Longer term aims are to:

  • see if there’s a better industry standard WTG datamodel to build off (maybe something from IEA Wind Task 43 :person_shrugging:)
  • develop ability to add “information” blobs to the model e.g. for integrity management data
  • visualise time varying results data alongside charts

Let me know if this is useful to you :slight_smile:



What a high class component. Thank you for sharing, @thisistheplace :raised_hands:

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