Show and Tell – Windparc App

Hello community,

i would like to introduce my for now biggest dash app. This one tracks a windfarm(Lorup), that is devided in to 3 geographical locations (Hassmoor, Mammoor, Gluemmel). On the left site is a navbar for settings.
You can set the Aggregation Level for the Energy Performance Bar, choose a location and pick specific years and months. In the multiple-choice dropdown is a list with available windmills.
Based on the data being set on the settings the charts and bars are reloading.
The first Bar displays whether the produced energy is according to plan. The second is your investment level. On the windspeed chart you see the avg. windspeed on month level. The Gauge displays the overall Performance in (%) based on the settings chosen. Windmill is just the model of the windmill.

This app gives you an overview if this windfarm was worth your investment, if all mills are running according to plan and more.

For a live view visit
Code is available on my github

Appreciate any Tips and feedbacks :smile:



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Hi @steviesblog
Thank you for sharing the app with the community. I remember we had a few conversations and brainstorm sessions when you first started building the app. You’ve come so far and turned this into a high-quality professional Dash app. Congratulations :tada:

Not only does it look good, this app also helps fight global warming but giving people the tools to invest in wind energy. Do you think you’ll expand this to wind energy outside of Germany?

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. This might be very helpful for this app. I will have a look and integrate it in a later release :slight_smile:

Hi @adamschroeder
yes it was quite a journey thanks for your help and videos. You teached me a lot :slight_smile:

If someone express his interest i won’t hesitate to expand it to outside Germany.