New line in AG Grid with mardown cells

Hello! I am having troubles with new line characters in the AG Grid component in a column with "cellRenderer": "markdown". I am using a simple \n, but also tried inserting <br />. But there is no line break in the cell text.

Does anyone know how to do this properly?

Hi @timofeymukha

Try entering two spaces then Enter

HTML should work, but you will have to set dangerously_allow_code=True

If that doesn’t work, could you make a minimal example that reproduces the issue?

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The double space did not help, but HTML works when setting the dangerously_allow_code to True

Nevermind the above, 2 spaces also worked! So, adding " \n" to the string forming the markdown content. Thanks!


Hello @timofeymukha,

As much as possible, we are trying to have everything working without turning dangerously_allow_html=True.

Glad you got this working, and glad that you were able to confirm it. :grin:

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