Migrating my application from Heroku to Beanstalk

Hi guys,

I’m trying to migrate my Heroku application to AWS beanstalk but I’m not finding any references for it;

I saw that beanstalk also allows us to use a Procfile to set the configuration of the gunicorn, but it’s not recognizing my app.

Does someone know what I’m doing wrong?

My Procfile on Heroku:
web: gunicorn app:server

My Procfile on Beanstalk:
web: gunicorn --b :8000 --workers 1 --threads 2 app:server

But my application stills not working;

I saw that in some tutorials to deploying on the beanstalk, it doesn’t need the Procfile… So I’m a little confused about how to make it run on EB instnace.

Could someone tell me what’s the adjustments that I need to do to migrate my Heroku app to Beanstalk?

thanks in advance


I have some containerized Dash apps hosted with AWS EBS, with a Dockerfile (but not a Procfile).

Looking at your gunicorn command, you might try web: gunicorn -b :8000 app:server to start with.

The “bind” argument in your gunicorn command should be --bind :8000 or -b :8000, but not --b :8000.

Try to add the other argument in a second time.