How to deploy on AWS beanstalk?

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I’m trying to test how good is to deploy on AWS and I’m missing some content about it… I have found some articles but no one is too clear to understand how we should handle it to make it works.

My question, someone has experience with it or have a good resource about this subject?

What are the main differences between deploying an app on Heroku and AWS beanstalk?

Should I use the Procfile too?

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Hi!! Did you solve how to do that?


I would recommend this blog post for anyone interested:

AFAIK Elastic Beanstalk is in the end of its lifecycle. AWS App Runner is a more suitable and updated option, and it is as simple as EB to use.

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Nice!! Thank you so much @jlfsjunior

Hi @jlfsjunior I wondered if you might be able to share your build and start commands for AWS App Runner?

I have been successfully hosting a dash app on Render with the below build and start commands, but when I tried setting up AWS App Runner using the same git repository, I get a “build failed” message but no further detail in the log.

Build Command
$pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel && pip install -r requirements.txt

Start command:
$gunicorn app:server --workers 2

I have also tried without the $ sign, and also just a simple “pip install -r requirements.txt” but both have the same “build failed”

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you

I’ve found articles discussing deploying on AWS and Heroku, none seem to provide a clear understanding of the best practices and differences between the two platforms. Has anyone here had experience deploying Plotly apps on either AWS or Heroku? I’d greatly appreciate insights into any challenges faced, recommended strategies, or resources that proved helpful in this context.