Deploy Dash with assets folder to AWS Elastic Beanstalk


I was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on how to upload a Dash app to elastic beanstalk.

I understand from various peoples blogs to ensure that I need:

application = app.server

Then I need to freeze the requirements using pip freeze > requirements.txt and zip all the files and upload to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. In all the explanations they have very simple applications with only a single file and that have no “assets” folders containing css files.

I was wondering what the process is when you have an assets folder containing various images and css folders of styles etc. I tried zipping every individual file but it has not worked. I understand that Dash looks for the “assets” folder. Structure found below:

Thank you very much for your help in advance. I am very new to this.


Hi, did you find a solution for this? I am stuck at exactly the same point. The app is deployed and working fine, but the formatting is all over the place because the app cant read assets folder