Mental Health In Tech Industry Full Dashboard

Nowadays, mental health topics are attracting more and more attention. So we decided to dig deep into it, especially in Tech Industry.

We decided to build a Mental health in Tech Industry dashboard answering a couple of questions, like:

  • Are companies taking mental health seriously?
  • How much do countries care about mental health VS physical health?
  • If you have a MH disorder, how often do you feel that it interferes with your work when/ when not being treated effectively?
  • Would mental health problems affect your career?

The project can be found on GitHub Repo
Check the live dashboard on Heroku app

The Dashboard :


Welcome to the community, @SalmaHisham. Thank you for sharing your app with us and for covering such an important topic.
Are you planning to build another app highlighting mental health in another industry?

Hope u liked it :DD
Honestly, I wasn’t planning for it, but it’s a nice idea. I think I will consider it in my future plans.