[Zyphr] - Plotly Dash Development & Consulting by Ex-Plotlyites

Hi folks,

I and a couple of other ex-Plotlyites run a company providing expert Dash and Plotly consulting, application development, open-source workshops (zero to hero!), and software engineering (dev-ops, deployment, testing, etc). We’ve worked with startups and a couple of Fortune 500’s both in Dash open-source and Dash Enterprise!

We love Dash and Plotly just as much as you folks and hope we can share our expertise with all of you, to take your projects across the finish line!

Here’s a fun hybrid Dash open-source and Dash Enterprise application we created for a customer showcasing a COVID SEIR model: https://intervention-model.herokuapp.com/

If you’re interested in working with us or have questions please reach out via email, or on our website.

Thank you!

Website: http://www.zyphr.ca
Portfolio: Zyphr Solutions
Email: matthew@zyphr.ca