[Show and Tell] - COVID SEIR Model Dash Application

I’m very excited to share a Python Dash dashboard showcasing a mock-data visualization of a COVID-19 SEIR interventions model. SEIR models provide insight into epidemiological dynamics.

The dashboard allows users to tweak model parameters and visualize the resulting COVID-19 hospitalization, death rate, and daily cases.

Dash Application: https://intervention-model.herokuapp.com/

As part of a proof of concept for a customer, we were tasked with recreating Healthcare Coalition’s R-Shiny dashboard into a Dash app with serious time constraints. In just 1.5 weeks we reproduced the entire dashboard achieving parity with all the key features:

  • Charts and controls for decision-makers to interact with their COVID-19 model
  • Toggleable sidebar and panels to save precious screen real estate
  • Written exclusively in Plotly’s Dash and Dash Design Kit
  • A mobile-friendly experience

Zyphr is a Plotly Dash consulting and development company, ran by ex-Plotlyites who saw a gap in the market for expert consulting and development. We love Dash and Plotly just as much as you folks and decided to share our expertise! We provide consulting, Plotly Dash application development, and software engineering (dev-ops, deployment, testing, etc).

If you’re interested in working with us please reach out via email or Calendly. Thanks!

Website: http://www.zyphr.ca/#
Consultation: http://www.zyphr.ca/#contact-us
Email: matthew@zyphr.ca


Beautiful work @matthewchan ! Here are some screenshots for those passing through :slight_smile:

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Matthew, this app looks amazing. Is the toggleable sidebar based on the ddk.Sidebar component?