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Covid Projections Tracker

Covid-19 projections will be hugely influential in the coming months as we prepare to slowly re-open society. Introducing www.covid-projections.com, a tool for epidemiologists/policy makers to track differences between models and for the same model over time :chart_with_upwards_trend: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

This tool consists of two components:
1⃣ A data parser that downloads and compiles current and historical projection data.
2⃣ An interactive dashboard that visualizes changes in projections over time

The data parser currently ingests data from two models:

The dashboard currently supports a historical view into IHME projections with more features to come. The dashboard was built in python :snake: using Plotly, Dash, and Dash-Bootstrap-Components. In the interests of promoting active development, I’ve open-sourced the code here. www.github.com/yuorme/covid-projections

You can follow us on Twitter as well @CovidProjection

Looks great @yuorme! Just sharing a screenshot of your app at https://www.covid-projections.com/ for those passing through:

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Hi, can you tell me, or guide me as to how you created the projected peak - latest/max/min dashboard?

I am also making a covid dashboard where you select country from the dropdown and it shows you the cases,deaths and recovered numbers…but I can’t figure out how to display them. Any help would be appreciated!!