Show and Tell - Wearables Data Monitoring Dashboard


I’d like to share with you guys a small app that I’ve recently developed to show how wearables data such as heart rate, activity, and emotions can be visualized using Plotly Dash.
So, the major use case for such an app would fall under the field of Healthcare, where continuous health monitoring, management, and hence treatment is required. Data coming in real-time from the sensors of some wearable would really add to this app.
I aim to add more features to this app in the future since there are some advanced wearables going to be introduced in the near future that can monitor a person’s neurological conditions such as epilepsy. So, for example, a person having a seizure could be detected with such wearables and an alert could be sent to the dashboard from where the respective healthcare team can take action.

Click to play with the app
Click for the source code

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. :blush:

Thank you!


Interesting and nice app. Even better if you add xaxis_rangeslider_visible because I see your baby faces huddled together :laughing:.


Hey, thanks for the tip! Just updated the code. It really enhances usability.

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very nice app, @waleedmalik And welcome to the Dash community. We liked your app so much at Plotly that we reshared your post on our social media. Thank you for building this and sharing with us.


@adamschroeder I’m glad to know that! Thanks!

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