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Log Scale Graph with minor ticks


Is it possible to generate a graph in Plotly like the one below? I am specifically looking to have the grid lines spaced in the same manner as below but without the tick labels. I still want the tick labels which are present in the below graph. Just that I don’t want the ‘minor’ tick labels. Currently, if I use ‘dtick’= ‘D1’, it will give me the grid lines which I need but there are too many ticklabels on the axis. I want to have the major ticklabels (10^-1, 10^0, 10^1, 10^2) but not the minor ticklabels( for example, not tick labels between 10^-1 and 10^0 and so on). Let me know if I am not clear.

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I have the same demand for javascript, I tried to change dtick value, but it is not handled correctly (see image below, dtick=0.5)