Latest Dash version on Anaconda still on 1.3?

I tried updating dash with conda but the latest version still seems to be on 1.3.

Was this forgotten or are there some other news regarding a delay on anaconda?

Looks like the pull requests in the dash-feedstock repo for new versions haven’t been merged (which would trigger their release). That repo is not maintained by plotly people afaik, just some guy who thought it would be useful. I guess you could either trying getting his attention by commenting on the pull request or maybe someone from plotly can submit a pull request adding themselves as a maintainer to make it part of the official release cycle.

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Oh I didnt know it was not handled by any of the plotly devs.

That is pretty inconvenient cause my workplace only uses conda and exporting packages does not work for pip installed packages the way we do it (for offline environment) so that has to be done manually/seperately.