Which version of Python is best to use Plotly Dash

I’m new to Dash and I faced mulitple issues using Python v3.11. Which version do you guys think works best with Plotly Dash?

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What version of Dash are you running?

I also think it really depends on what other processes you may have running. What issues are you running in to?

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as @jinnyzor said, it would be better if you told us exactly the issues you’re facing. Some might be related to Python versioning while others to Dash or Plotly versions.

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Hi there,

I am using plotly 5.15.0
plotly-express 0.4.1
dash 2.10.2

On python version 3.11 running pip 23.1.2

I am trying to create the basic layout (as mentioned in Plotly Dash tutorial link here), and I get the error mentioned in the question

Hi there Adam,

I’ve replied to Jinnyzor’s comment about the problem. Thanks in advance!

I know that I had issues when trying 3.11 on a server, I dropped it to 3.10 and it worked fine.

But, I built it all on 3.10, so there is that as well.

hi @Sharan
I’ve heard of some issues working with 3.11 on a server, like @jinnyzor said, but I wasn’t aware of an error when trying to create the basic layout.

What is the exact error message that you got?