Is there a limit (or limitations) on how many callbacks can be used?

I have a multi-page app with 3 pages with 64 callbacks. The first page has 29 callbacks, the second has 19 and the third has 16.

The app runs fine on localhost but when deployed to Heroku the third page hangs when loading. There are no error messages, it just seems that not all of the callbacks complete firing. If I remove some of the callbacks and deploy to Heroku then it runs fine.

Further, if I add some more callbacks to the third page and try to run on localhost then the same thing happens. The app just hangs without any errors.

Is there some limit (or limitation) to the number of callbacks that can be fired? Or can anybody think of any other reason why I might be seeing this behaviour?

Experiencing a similar problem. Anybody know the answer?

I can’t remember exactly what was going wrong but it might have been something to do with having components with the same id on different pages.

Hi, I am also thinking as application which i am witting is getting big, and we need to integrate more application as sub products … I dont know the limit of callbacks… or is there way i can host multiple Dash apps using flask routing…