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Multipage, mutliple callbacks are not working

Dear Team,

I have created a multipage app with each page having multiple graphs(multiple callbacks). It is working for some (old) callbacks. However, the dash app layout is not rendering any page if I add new callbacks. No errors are displayed too in the console or terminal.

I have tried different options:

  1. app.run_server(debug=True) โ†’ page not even loading
  2. app.run_server(debug=False) ->page loading but no graph outputs on page
  3. reduced number of callbacks from 15 to 10 (I have combined multiple callbacks)

Note: All pages are working independently. (they are not working after adding together and no errors in console)
Link for my dashboard: https://greektragedy.herokuapp.com/
Link for the code: GitHub - VIJAYAYERUVA/greektragedy: This repo is for 'Greek Tragedy' visualization.

Currently, I donโ€™t have a specific โ€˜codeโ€™ that is throwing errors.

Is there a limit on the number of callbacks on each page?

Hello @vijaya

No there isnโ€™t any limit on the number of callbacks. If there are no errors showing up on the terminal, you can try looking on the web console of your browser.

@atharvakatre, thank you for your response.
I was so dumb that I forgot to check the web console. It helped me.
The issue was I am using the same layout โ€˜idโ€™ on different pages. I thought that I could use the same โ€˜idโ€™ on different pages.

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