Callback does not trigger when one component as input of too many callbacks?

I would like to have one radio button group acting as the input of 50ish callbacks. But if I do that, some callbacks do not trigger on change of the radio button. Reducing the number to 20, all callbacks are triggered.

I guess this is similar to this post

Is there an answer or workaround yet?

I’ve not experienced this issue myself, but an obvious workaround seems to be to consolidate the callbacks now that multi-output is available: 📣 Multiple outputs in Dash - Now Available!

I have some examples where I have 1 input with 12 outputs and 120 states, the performance is great.

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I am experiencing a similar problem but on a much smaller scale. In one callback, I have the values of 2 daq.sliders as inputs. This callback get triggered (yet the output to a hidden div is not saving the return value). If I use the same 2 daq.sliders as inputs into a 2nd callback, the this 2nd callback does not get triggered. I’m currently trying to generate a test file to share that will reproduce this problem.

In my case, solved today after my initial post, was to use Google Chrome and press F12 after performing the action in which a callback should have been triggered. Doing so showed that an unrelated compont did not have it’s value defined prior to the callback being invoked. For me, pressing F12 helped identify a problem I was having after spending several hours creating test code to help narrow the problem. F12 might be a good next step for you.