Indiscernible pale colors in bar plots with many samples

So I’m plotting this biological data with ~50K samples for each condition (i.e., subplot).

How can I get a uniform color for all bars instead of only the left-most ones?
(Notice that both axes are log-scaled. When they aren’t, colors in bars above ~100 on the X-axis are even less discernible.)

Any help would be highly appreciated.

The issue here is likely the bar border. If you set them to 0 width you should see the bars.

Thank you, @nicolaskruchten!
Using fig.update_traces(marker_line_width=0) I get much better results: the color is visible across all the X-axis.
But is there a way to make the color uniform as well? Or is it a deterministic result arising from samples’ density?

I suspect it’s a rendering artifact… Try setting marker_line_color to the same color as the bars, just to make sure?