How to make dash ag grid table cells hyperlinked

I am exploring the new dash ag grid tables, using it instead of dash datatable . Been trying to make one column hyperlinked. Earlier I was doing it like

href = f"{dashboard_name}/?primary_metric={gspc_code}&secondary_metric={row['long_title']}&graph_type=line_graph&primary_scale=primary_linear&secondary_scale=secondary_linear"
link = html.A(f"{row['Indicator']}", href=href)

what would be an dash ag grid equivalent for the same. Tried with

"cellRenderer": 'markdown'

inside columnDefs for ag grid. But it doesnt work since the hyper referenece link will be dynamic. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello @jayeetamukherjee,

You should take a look here:

With it you can create custom links inside the grid easily, while also keeping your data relatively easy to read.

Thank you so much for the reference. I have almost zero knowledge in javascript, am unable to make it work using the example mentioned in the documentation. Can we use any javascript function or callback function to achieve the same. Thanks

The data in the first post is where the things will be?

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been able to make it work as a stand alone dash app. Now, I need to use this inside a Django Dash project. How can I add the external javascript inside a djanodash app?Thanks.