How to write Js AgGrid rendering functions using data comming from a pandas database

I’m trying to write an external JS cell rendering function for the Dash AgGrid of my App. The objective is to Wrap the values of the “Title” Column around anchor Tags. The target href should be the URL present in the same row in the “Links” column. That means each value from the “Title” column should, when clicked, send you to its corresponding URL (the one on the same row at the “Links” column).

Using React to create the rendering function I noticed I can only use the information present on the current cell, being therefore unable to access the URL at the “Links” columns while rendering a cell at the "Title column.

How can I use React to wrap the elements on the “Title” column around an anchor tag targeting a URL stored in the same row but in another column?

Example code I used to make the link column clickable:

var dagcomponentfuncs = (window.dashAgGridComponentFunctions = window.dashAgGridComponentFunctions || {});

dagcomponentfuncs.LinkPag = function (props) {
    return React.createElement(
        {href: props.value},