How to improve the loading speed of my page

my app is dashboard, it need to load a lot of data.This creates a problem, and my page takes a long time to load.I want to know Is there any useful way to increase the loading speed of my page?
I debug find dash_update_component occupy a lot of time。Can this be reduced?
Thanks for any help.

It looks like you have a computationally intensive/long-running bunch of code in a callback. Ultimately you’re bound by how long it takes for your callback to be computed, so you’d start by performance profiling this code like you would any Python code.

If you have repeated parameters being passed into your callbacks, you can at least save time by not re-computing previously computed callback results through the lru_cache, as described in the Dash Docs.

here are some things I did. Optimizing data structures used. Limiting data movement and using ClientSide callbacks

Nice, thanks for sharing that @ssriva!

One thing to add to your post. You mention:

A good use of Chrome Developer Tools to understand latency should be a guide in selecting the callbacks to target first

I’d also suggest looking at the Dash Dev Tools (announced here: 📣 Dash 1.16.0 - Brand New Debugging & Performance Tools, Improved Callback Graph, Date-Axis & Timeline Improvements, Faster Images, Content Security Policy, and Community Contributions and documented here: https:// This should be an easier UI for analysing callback-by-callback request & network times.

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Thank you for the pointer @chriddyp . Will sure try out and update :slight_smile: