Best practices to improve dash performance

Hi everyone - My Dash app is too slow. It takes a few seconds to load and render the page (2 bars, 1 table).
Not doing anything fancy. Just reading a few CSVs using Panda (< 1000 records / 5-6 fields) to render the charts.
It is slow both on my Mac and GCP. Could anyone offer some tips on possible ways to improve the app? Thanks!


Do you perhaps have a minimum example that we could look at? Hard to diagnose what the problem is with the description that you’ve given so far.

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In the Dash 2.0 Prerelease Candidate Available!, they mention that installing orjson will help improve json serialization which may lead to better performance.

Simply run the following in your environment and Dash will automatically use it when available:
pip install orjson

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Thanks guys!
I found the following pages useful as well:


this is useful information