How to Disable Typing Text Entry in DatePickerRange


I have a DatePickerRange component working in my app, but I would like to disable manual text entry via keyboard typing, so that it would only work by selecting dates through the pop-out calendar.

In my dropdowns, this is easily accomplished by setting the searchable property to False, but I don’t see an equivalent in the DatePickerRange component.

Hi. Did you find an answer to this? I could do some data validation and overwrite the wrong user input, but wanted to check if you found a more elegant solution.

Hello @TemaTorg,

This prop doesnt exist in the dcc component, but have you looked at the dmc DateRangePicker?

Hello @jinnyzor
Same behaviour - prop does not exist.

@SandyData , @jinnyzor

It works with this attribute, but I don’t know how add it here in python (Dash):


You dont pass read only, by default the DateRangePicker of dmc does not allow free typing into the input.

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Yes, you are right! :+1:

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