How to manually type in dates in Dash Mantine Date Range Picker?

This question has been asked 2 years ago but there was no solution to it.

What I am trying to do is to make Dash Mantine Component Library’ “date range picker” (Dash) manually typeable, so that in addition to selecting the dates, optionally I can just type in the date range.

My users toggle with date range a lot and it’s honestly a bit too many clicks when they have to “select” a date range instead of being able to type it (especially when the date range span multiple years).

Further information, I notice that even the React Mantine Library doesn’t seem to have this ability for its Date Range Picker (, so not sure if this is even possible with Dash Mantine. In case it turns out it is not (atleast yet), then any suggestions on how I can workaround this feature? I am using Dash Mantine library itself for other fields too (date, text input, number input etc), so in terms of look/feel, wouldn’t want to deviate from it too much.

Thank you,

Hi @manish1022iiti

Did you try adding this prop?


Hello @AnnMarieW Thanks for your reply.
I think this parameter only exists in the “date” picker and NOT “daterange” picker. Weird why this was designed this way, unless I am missing something here.

Yes, I see that you are correct - the allowFreeInput is only on the DatePicker. It also looks like this is not a valid prop in the latest version of Mantine, so it likely won’t be available in future versions of dmc either.

Seems like so, yes!