DatePickerRange Problems - language, and manually date providing by keyboard

As you already know dcc. DatePickerRange dont have options to change locale or months/days names to different language.
To solve that issue I am using mantine DateRangePicker , which have locale parameter, but this one don’t have option to change manually date from keyboard directly to callendar box like in dcc.DatePickerRange.

I want to ask for help, to get best approach where I will be able to do:

  1. change language of callendar months/days
  2. Not only select dates range from callendar but also provide numbers of dates from keyboard which will be applied automatically after Enter button.

Thank you !

Hi @kilobit
Set the allowFreeInput prop to True to make date picker editable. I have not tested it so do let me know if it works fine or not.

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hi, sory for late reply,dmc.DateRangePicker doesnt have this parameter. Also locale still doesnt work