Change language in dcc.DatePickerRange

Hello everyone!
I want to change the language to Russian in dcc.datepickerrange, but I don’t understand how to do it.
I saw that you can use moment.js, but I don’t understand how to connect it to dc.datepickerrange?
Can anyone help?

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Hi @iljanikolaev

It looks like the DatPickerRange will respond to the language set in the browser:

Hello, @AnnMarieW. Thanks for the reply.
It’s just an auto-translation from the browser. It can be seen that he incorrectly translated the abbreviations for Wednesday, and Saturday did not translate at all. I checked in two browsers, the default language was Russian, it didn’t help. Any other ideas?

Sorry, it looks like this feature is not supported yet.

it’s a feature that they have not yet implemented. I think the support of the datepicker in other languages ​​is important.

@ismaelO, I completely agree with you.

I’ll be releasing support for locale in date picker in dash-mantine-components probably by end of this week. This is how it will look:

You can checkout dash mantine components here: