Localization Dash

Hello all, I want to translate all my dash to russian. What I need to do for this? I tried some ways like external srcipts and ''https://cdn.plot.ly/plotly-locale-ru-latest.js" but it doesn’t work

Hi Alex @Kirrango
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The Russian locale you mention is only for Plotly.js. Using it in Dash is not straightforward, but it can be done. See plotly.js/dist at master · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub .

You can load the locale as an external script, then in your dcc.Graph use {locale: 'ru'} as the config prop, or part of it. You can’t use Plotly.setPlotConfig unless you also include plotly.js itself as an external script, since Plotly won’t be available yet.

We haven’t implemented localization yet in the rest of Dash, but it’s on our radar.

Hello! Thanks for your answer! It was enough for me to change the locale and everything worked)

I have one more question regarding localization: I also want to localize dcc.DatePickerRange, but I couldn’t find a way to do it in python. I know that there are libraries with this filter that support translation into my language, but I want to continue using dash core components. Is it real?

hi @Kirrango That is not possible unfortunately with the dcc.DatePickerRange.

Hmm, it’s bad :frowning:

Can you advise any solution to this problem?