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Disabling dates in DatePicker


I’m trying to disable individual dates (from a list for instance) in the DatePickerRange component, but there is no properties to do so.

Is there a way to perform that ?

I’ve found a Github discussion where the ‘date_disabled’ is mentionned (by tcbegley on november 8th, 2018) but I cannot find how to use it.

Is it possible to use the original 'bootstrap-datepicker ’ where datesDisabled is existing and use it someway alongside with the Dash ?

Thank you

We removed the date pickers from dash-bootstrap-components, which were mostly copied from the dash-core-components implementation, since we didn’t think it made sense to replicate existing functionality in dash-core-components just to make the styling consistent. Instead I worked on some custom stylesheets for dash-core-components. Our component did have the disabled_days prop though which was one tweak I made for a project I was working on.

The change was pretty simple, compare our isOutsideRange function here to the one in dash-core-components here. Perhaps something similar could be adopted by dash-core-components?

Yes, it could be very interesting to have it on the dcc one.

Is there a workaround before it is eventually included ?
Is it possible to use the standard bootstrap-datepicker working with the dash app ?