How add bootstrap-datepicker to Dash or Remove dates of dcc.datepicker


I’m developing a webpage and i need to use one datepicker, i know the dcc.datapicker avaliable in dash-core components, but i have one problem with this, because my date data is not day to day is more week to week, and i search in the internet and the only “answer” for my question is relationated with the dbc.DatepickerSingle, because this component has the disabled days option, but this component is removed from bootsrap two years ago, well i read dash allows javascripts components and i think to incorporate for my webpage the bootstrap-datepicker from this page datepicker but i don’t understand how to incorporate a external component from Dash.
I really greatefull if something know to disable days from datepicker o help me with incorporate de bootstap-datepicker to Dash.

Sorry if mi english is not so good, im learning the language.


I have done something like that with a month picker. I used a RangeSlider instead of a DatePicker, it looks like this in the app: