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HH:MM:SS on Y axis

I’m trying to figure out how to plot HH:MM:SS on the y axis with the x axis having date time. The graph is I don’t know how the data is sorted. eventually it would be nice to have it as a streaming scatter plot.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Registering that I would appreciate help with this too. I’m trying to graph sunrise/sunset times through the year, so I need undated hh:mm:ss on y axis.

The graph is

All help gratefully received. Thanks,

Hey guys,

From what I know, you can specify data format for both axis. This is possible through the tickformat property of an axis layout. You can pass values matching the target format.

Regarding dates, you can refer to this page:

So, as an example with date on X-axis (M/D/Y) and time on Y-axis (H/m/s):

‘layout’: {
‘xaxis’: {
‘tickformat’: ‘%x’
‘yaxis’: {
‘tickformat’: ‘%X’