Format seconds to HH:MM:SS [SOLVED]

Hi, I am not able to output seconds as HH:MM:SS. My approach is this:

layout.yaxis = {
  type: 'linear',
  tickformat: '%H:%M:%S'

And my input looks like this:

let input = [2000, 3600, 2593]

And so on. But it doesn’t work. Thanks for any help!

It’s not obvious to be what the desired behavior is here. What should the tick labels show in your mind?

Hey and thanks for you answer.

I would like to show 00:33:20, 00:01:00 and 00:43:13 at the y axis. Because these are the converted values from seconds like my input variable is like.

Oh I see. Well, we don’t support that at the moment. You’ll need to convert your input values to something plotly something understands. For example, see

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Ah okay, thanks for the clarification. Is something like that planned for the future?