AXIS in seconds hh:mm:ss

Hi all, I have a series of data of the type (column 't_produccion,) in number os seconds:


What is the best way to display the data in a graph with the format hh:mm:ss

I also have the possibility of changing the format to type time:


is better ?

Thanks a lot !!!

Hey @gabino.alonso, welcome to the forums.

I don’t see any variable of type datetime. If there was any, you could just format the axes correspondingly.

Sorry, I forgot to put the information correctly:

I want to graph with my variable ‘t_production’ which is the time in seconds (int type) on the x axis

The other possibility is to convert that variable directly in the DB to timedelta (I think).

Finally I have solved my problem by recording the production time in “timestamp” format instead of in “number of seconds”


and in this way the plotly can graph that data directly.

Thanks for everything.

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