How to Plot time (HH:MM:SS) on y-axis using plotly.js

I have a list in python in that list various times are stored according to some persons. I want to plot the time for specific person using plotly.js

Note : In that list everything is in date-time (nothing is in string)

I want to show like this
xyz takes 00:10:55
abc takes 01:02:20
ccc takes 00:50:10

In x-axis name is there and in y-axis there respective time is there

I think you could convert the dates like this:

thanks @archmoj
It is working fine.
But i need only to display time not date like if i remove %Y-%m-%dT this thing then my graph still showing date starting from 1 Jan 1990. I don’t want to show this date also.
Check the below attachment for more clarification


For hovers could you try using hovertemplate?