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Help on plotly.newPlot Error for redrawing plot

Hi I am using plotly.newPlot for redrawing the plot without refreshing the page. It works fine but there is small error. It is able to get new data. When it draw line with new data set the ending coordinates is also connected I do not know why. I have attached the screen dump here in imgur.
This is the first plot (left pic). The data is obtained using dropdown menu. The second plot is below where you can see the blue circle. The end point is alos connected which should not be like that.

How can i fix this. Please help me.


Could you share a code snippet to help us debug?

Hi Etienne,
I have attached the js and html file here.
You can access data , html and js from url


Hmm. I doubt this is a bug on our side.

Looks like your data has several items with x equal to '1990-9-30'

explaining why the line connects with the start.