An errant line is drawn thru my line graph that is not in the data

I’m graphing a large set of data points with Plotly, and while it draw a line correctly, it also draws an errant line that cross half of the graph. I’ve attached a picture of the curve, and then the errant straight line that cuts across the graph. When I hover over this errant line, it doesn’t provide any popup information, although hovering over the curve provides me with the information. Does anyone know what is causing this extra line to be drawn?
Thanks so much in advance!

Could you share a code snippet to help us debug?

I am facing the same issue as well except for me I only experience the issue on my production server, on local server the issue does not show up.

Please help!!!

Please help us help you by sharing a reproducible example. Thank you.

            x: [2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017], 
            y: [12.1, 13.2, 11.5, 14.6, 15.8], 
            type: 'lines' 
            xaxis: { 
                title: 'YEARS' 
            yaxis: { 
                title: 'DEGREES CELSIUS' 

On my local, the above code works fine but when I deploy it to a production server, an errant line suddenly appears drawn through my line graph.